Sunday, 29 March 2009

Moving blog to Wordpress

I have decided to move this blog to Wordpress from Blogger in order to obtain more stable access.  Several people have informed me that Blogger crashes when they try to load it.  I have taken the opportunity to give a more descriptive title to the blog.  It will be known as "Justice, Media and  Economics" to capture the core theme of my contributions.  I have transferred over all the posts in this blog so that continuity will be maintained.

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I am a barrister and work to assist people accused of serious crimes. I've had a varied career. I wrote a thesis on nuclear waste disposal; worked as corporate planner for an energy multinational; priced crude oil for Saudi Arabia; advised Denmark on gas; launched an oil trading software company in the USA; established the UK’s first electricity trading operation; advised Norway on hydro-electricity; managed the media team at PwC; analysed equities for JP Morgan; advised the European Commission on broadcasting policy; wrote a book on television in Europe; founded a strategy boutique in digital media; chaired a father’s group, speakers club and chess club; edited a community magazine and wrote a thesis on the media in China. I studied philosophy, politics and economics at Balliol College, Oxford. Subsequently I studied operational research (Lancaster), psychology (London) and law (Kingston). My ambition is to find a way to make childrens’ learning of mathematics enjoyable.